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Gamasutra is the largest independent web site devoted to the art and science of making games. Every day, Gamasutra offers new features about game technology and business, offers product and industry news, has a giant job board, hosts game developer resumes, offers a directory of game development contractors, hosts a product buyers guide, and more. has grown from its 1997 launch to over 350,000 members today. Games Games began in 2000, and was one of the first and most comprehensive professional gaming portal in China. The vast amounts of game content and up-to-date gaming news have attracted lots of players, and its own game database which covers detailed information of almost 1000 games is not only useful for inquiry, but also makes it convenient for game vendors to promote its brand and products. Its powerful network of content covers games on a wide range of platforms, including online games, anime, single-player games, tv games, web games, PSP, flash, mobile and social games. Games has become an influential gaming media, both in China and abroad, due to its unique brand effect and large user base.

The is the top industry portal site in the field of china mobile internet, wireless value-added, mobile software and mobile games. It is known as the Whampoa Military Academy in the wireless industry. Since 2002, through 10 years operation, core competitive advantage has been made in the aspects of industry influence power, third-party opinion and category database. The has continuously organized Top 50 election of china mobile network mobile software and mobile games for 7 years. It possess the most all category registration database of industry and tens of thousands cooperation enterprise in mobile network industry. As a specialized platform operation enterprise. It continuously create core value for user and customers in the new wave lead by smart mobile, mobile software and app store.


Founded in 1999, CSDN is the largest community website and services platform in China. We are the lifetime partner of software developers and IT Pros in China, serving them with Knowledge, Career and Development services to meet their fundamental needs of Learning, Networking, and Programming during their growth lifecycle. CSDN has more than 24 million registered users (8 million active monthly users) and 500,000 enterprises as partnership members. CSDN ranks No.39 (No.27 at peak) among all China websites (Alexa).

The Mars Era

Mars Era was founded in 1995 by Wang Qi Computer Animation Studio in Beijing. It is the leading animation institution in China. We provide a state-of-the-art education in CG imagery and the fine arts, as well as effective career preparation for the students through our publications, web services, campus education and industry projects.


CNETNews is China's site for comprehensive IT industry news and analysis. Chinese professionals trust CNETNews for up-to-the-minute information on the IT industry. CNETNews (China) covers the most engaging tech topics in diverse areas like business tech, digital entertainment, information security and emerging green technologies. CNETNews (China)'s editorial team, with roots in the number one U.S. technology news site and a global support network from CBS Interactive's 12 international partner offices, delivers valuable original content that keeps China's high level business execs on top of the IT industry. was founded in July 2004, serving designers and students of design. With rapid updated information, the content of VisionUnion covers the complete designing industry. We provide information, work appreciation, theory and documents, interviews and feature stories. Every channel is different and we require that every chief editor be responsible for the achievements of its channel.




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