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IGA( is the only English language online specialist media exclusively covering the games industry in Asia.
Our business coverage includes job, event and company listings from the region.
Officially launched in September 2013, is published by Gamemium Pte Ltd in Singapore


The Computer Entertainment Developers Conference (CEDEC) is the technical conference for computer entertainment developers organized by the CESA, an industry organization in Japan. CEDEC features 200 sessions by industry-leading developers and offers the latest technical and business information. The 2014 conference is 3 days; from September 2 to 4 at Yokohama and registration is open from July 1 to August 26, 2014.,the world's largest video game media and platform, has been committed to the industry for 13 years with keen sense of industry trends, a wide variety of game news and unique insights. Covering gaming portal, videos and apps, 17173 boasts 239 million monthly active users. 17173's mission is being fast, accurate, comprehensive, and objective. It's the primary choice for gamers and other industries to read the latest online game news and obtain market information.


Yes, we focus on mobile-platform games. Our goal is to provide the best content for mobile games in China, we would like to make it more popular.

You could find us in various ways: our website, Sina Weibo, Wechat, and through our app. Also we publish our articles on,, etc. Besides the gaming community and game industry, we wish to cover a larger area and reach more people.

We care about developers. Whether they’re big or small. We are currently cooperating with big developers, however we put more attention on small and indie developers, and want to help them succeed.

So this is us,, interesting, elegant, valuable.


GameGrapes is a Chinese leading game media which focuses on delivering the most valuable information of mobile games. GameGrapes ' contents comprises several specialty parts, each offering high quality services for Chinese mobile game companies, such as industry and business news, business reports, analysis, previews, strategy guides, and recruitment.


The latest independent games news, interviews, and features, from the makers of Gamasutra.


Thisisgame (TIG) has offered comprehensive gaming news and features since 2005. Due to many scoops and in-depth content, we have been recognized as the most credible media in Korea. As a leading gaming media, we also provide a business consultation and PR solution. We have worked with various professionals from domestic and foreign developers, publishers, and the government as well as international media partners such as Gamasutra, 17173, Bahamut, Thisisgame Thailand, Gameqq, etc.




SINA GAMES is the largest Chinese game media serving for Chinese players all around the world. By integrating the resource from news, section,, CGWR(China Games Weight Rank),, weibo and, SINA GAMES has created the most trusty and attractive game news platform. From 2013, SINA GAMES has archived an average daily page view up to fifty million with ten million active users by promoting through weibo and In 2013, SINA GAME interviewed more than eighty domestic and foreign game companies, which becomes a bridge between game players, users and game companies. With the surge of flow and users, SINA GAMES can help game companies through all-round business promotion, also assist them to transform online flow to money efficiently.

NetEase Game Channel

NetEase Game Channel, part of NETEASE(NASDAQ: NTES), is one of the most popular video game portal site as well as a professional news platform in China mainland. The site provides news, reviews and information across online games, console games and mobile games. Thousands of core gamers and insiders express and share their opinion on video games through the platform.

Being a comprehensive portal for gaming media, is the most authoritative and influential in China. It’s recognized as one of the leading media for China Games Industry with top user cover data. Centered on games information, relying on Weixin,, QQ Membership and other popular platforms, gathers millions of active users and develops several excellent sections such as Player, Game Literature, Biggest, iGame, and also, the access and experience platform for light games. As a one-stop game service platform, is the first choice of most players and partners.


Founded in 2009, is the best Chinese mobile game press and the biggest Chinese mobile game portal in China. Everyday Billions of players are reading our content through our website, site community, App and SNS subscription. Our strategic partners include Tencent, Disney, EA, Gameloft, Chukong Technology, Longtu Game, Perfect World, Shanda Games, etc. Our purpose is to recommend truly playable games. As a leading mobile game media, we have established the industry standard in writing review, building specialized game site, and making game video.


A9VG is a leading video gaming website in China. With our high-quality original articles and digital programs providing the latest information on our main page and social media platforms, over 1 million active core video game players create and share great contents in our community.

Laohu Game

Laohu Game is a popular website foucses mobile games in China. The publication covers all major portable and mobile games, including news, reviews and columns. 'The Golden Eye' and 'Weekly mobile game report' are two main widely read columns which contained hot news, reviews and recommends.


GAME GYRO (it predecessor is 91shouce) was founded in September 2012,focus on the game industry and provides services to the game entrepreneurs.We have four brand columns:
:Provide game project presentation,free and favorable service for entrepreneurs of game.
:Provide a free exposure which new mobile game product in official Wesite ( and 91shouce official
Wechat(youxituoluo)for small and medium-sized developers. : invite some veteran of mobile game to diagnosis the new mobile game product which developed of small and medium-sized developers,and provide a free exposure.
:Electronic game industry recruitment platform,gathering all the talent and recruitment requirements of companies in game industry.

Game Cores

Gadio, a media which focuses on reporting and introducing console games, continuously provides original audio and video programmes. With more independence and individuality, Gadio has always shared the coolest video game culture and spirits. After more than 500 issues of podcasts during the last 4 years, we have obtained a professional team of media post-production specialised in content planning and animation effects. Furthermore, our audience are mostly core gamers with considerable stickiness and retention.

Game Teahouse

Game Teahouse( is a leading mobile game industry media and matchmaking platform in China,base in Chengdu,providing matchmaking service for the global moblie game industry collegues between developers and publishers,distributors,covered thousand content providers in China,staying up-to-date with the latest global mobile game trends,opportunities and news.



BAHAMUT was constructed at 1996, we eager to be the biggest gamer's community in Greater China region and we supply variety ACG contents included: On-line game、TV game(PS4、WiiU、XBOXone …)、Pocket game ( 3DS、PSV…) 、PC game、Mobile game also Animation and Comics.
We have both high Reach Rate and Strong Stickiness and also willing to support game related exhibitions or conventions in the Greater China region. According to the research by "2013 Business Next Magazine", BAHAMUT is the TOP 7 website in Taiwan.

Beijing Mefun technology co.LTD is an emerging mobile gaming industry media, jointly founded by several industry veteran. Mefun is designed to provide the most timely, accurate and objective information about the profound and unique viewpoint for mobile gaming industry. Mefun technology co.LTD has broad vision, unique perspective and rich experience at mobie gaming industry industry , as well as sincere attitude to devote themselves to serve all of our companions.

PR Newswire

Founded in 1954, PR Newswire is the world's oldest and largest corporate information distribution service. We serve clients from North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific region. PR Newswire has a global client base of 60,000 companies, organizations, and government agencies, including over 60 percent of Fortune 500 companies.

PR Newswire provides end-to-end solutions to produce, optimize, and target content - from rich media to online video and multimedia - and then distribute content and measure results across traditional, digital, mobile, and social channels.


Syqnr is a vertical industrial wemedia and website focusing on all aspects of portable and mobile game industry development. (TOB) which gathering most game industry practitioners and developers, and oolibao(TOC) iOS and Android game players, are divisions of this rising new media.