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Game Grapes

GameGrapes is one of the top domestic mobile gaming medias with unique foresight and judgement,we focus on publishing latest news and insightful reviews. Up to now, there are several worldwide divisions we set up in Korea, Japan, America and Europe (Britain and Finland). By connecting China and foreign countries, linking resources from different parties, we wish to provide best commercial information and other services to developers, publishers, investors and other practitioners in mobile game industry.

Being a comprehensive portal for gaming media, is the most authoritative and influential in China. It’s recognized as one of the leading media for China Games Industry with top user cover data. Centered on games information, relying on Weixin,, QQ Membership and other popular platforms, gathers millions of active users and develops several excellent sections such as Player, Game Literature, Biggest, iGame, and also, the access and experience platform for light games. As a one-stop game service platform, is the first choice of most players and partners.


"AiWan” is the newly subsidiary game media of NetEase, whose processor is the game channel. As our slogan says ' love the game, easy to play', we have formed a culture of free expression of every player due to our distinctive follow-up. The hot community of Blizzard unites millions of congenial players, where you can share your happiness with other players.So far, "AiWan” has launched Game Science, Game art,Daily Strike and other 20 original column.Professional and informational content will be pushed in time every day, which is the beginning of the new game way.


SINA GAMES is the largest Chinese game media serving for Chinese players all around the world. By integrating the resource from news, section,, CGWR(China Games Weight Rank),, weibo and, SINA GAMES has created the most trusty and attractive game news platform. From 2013, SINA GAMES has archived an average daily page view up to fifty million with ten million active users by promoting through weibo and In 2013, SINA GAME interviewed more than eighty domestic and foreign game companies, which becomes a bridge between game players, users and game companies. With the surge of flow and users, SINA GAMES can help game companies through all-round business promotion, also assist them to transform online flow to money efficiently.


Gamasutra is the largest independent web site devoted to the art and science of making games. Every day, Gamasutra offers new features about game technology and business, offers product and industry news, has a giant job board, hosts game developer resumes, offers a directory of game development contractors, hosts a product buyers guide, and more. has grown from its 1997 launch to over 350,000 members today.

4399 Mobile Gaming Network

Established in 2013, 4399 Mobile Gaming Network has quickly grown into one of the most professional mobile game media and download platforms in less than 2 years. 4399 mobile game has attracted tens of millions of loyal users through word-of-mouth and lauching prompt, informative and in-depth analysis. By the end of 2014, UV of the web is over 2500000, and browse is over 10000000.


Yes, we focus on mobile-platform games. Our goal is to provide the best content for mobile games in China, we would like to make it more popular.

You could find us in various ways: our website, Sina Weibo, Wechat, and through our app. Also we publish our articles on,, etc. Besides the gaming community and game industry, we wish to cover a larger area and reach more people.

We care about developers. Whether they’re big or small. We are currently cooperating with big developers, however we put more attention on small and indie developers, and want to help them succeed.

So this is us,, interesting, elegant, valuable., No.1 game media & portal in China, has been committed to the industry for 14 years with keen sense of industry trends, a wide variety of game news and unique insights. Covering News, reviews, hubs, gamelist, videos and apps for MMO Games, Browser Games, Mobile Games and Console games, 17173 boasts 410 million monthly active users, 15 million UV \90 million PV a day.




Gamelook is a professional b2b game industry media founded by Mr. Hongtao in June, 2009, we focusing on the research of game industry’s progression, observing the trends of global gaming market, discovering the latest excellent games, paying attention to the trends of startup and investment, providing game industry information, researching data for game developers, publishers, game investors and others related in the gaming market, building a platform for deep communication and cooperation for game industry.

Laiwan Original

Laiwan Original is a vigorous interactive gaming brand of the Bussiness Unit of Heyi Inc. Its productions consist of original game programs with high quality, global event coverage, on-/offline activities, e-sports and the making of gamevariety shows, also, it develops, authorizes and publishes ofgames using the title of movies. Laiwan Original aims at making high quality cyber-based contents and a healthy new ecosphere of gaming contents and related titles. It is the biggest platform of User-generated Contents and Professionally-generated Contents with hundreds of original programs madebyprofessionally-generating users.Level up!Game on!Apart from game reviews and game-play clips, original programs, event coverages, we also enables a brand new concept of a linkage between movies and games, we have already had network television series, micro films, reality shows, online events, offline parties and live streaming on line.

91 Game

91 Game is a platform offering comprehensive expo previews, new game intro, showgirls, game videos, coolest guide and news about mobile games. With the great advantage of large users number from Baidu 91, 91 Game Site has become a portal where players can pick up the latest mobile game news, gameplay, and giveaways around the network.


IndieACE is founded by Coconut Island Studio( in 2014 and is an online community for Chinese indie game developers. We’ve been playing a very active role in Chinese indie game developers world for a long period and organized many indie devs-related events like game jam, indie devs talk, indie games exhibition and contest etc. We have a great impact on Chinese indie devs and our mission is: make creating indie games easier! You’re welcome to follow us on Twitter: @IndieACE_com.


Topfun Media Group focus on mobile game, Intelligent toys, wearable devices and reliable Internet industry. Topfun Media Group is a media service and incubation platform that include, TFC(Mobile Gaming Alliance), Izhike(Reference) , Daogame(Trade Platform), Shangfang Garden(Creative Center), IP, Topfun Legend Incubator.

Gaoqu Net focus on creating content and recommend mobile games portal type media sites, it has become the field of hand travel media brands. Focus on implementation based channel specialization, content refinement of taste and style of the "China mobile game first release" The media strategy, is committed to provide players with comprehensive one-stop, a unique mobile gaming depth of content and services.


LonghuBoom, founded in 2014, is established in mobile game To Business field, concentrates on products and developers and focuses on innovation and business creation. As the thoughtful, intelligent media, LonghuBoom reports for real game practitioners with the sense of mission, and aims to be the most respectful media by the industry.Through LONGHUBOOM, PRODUCER TALK, PLAY BOY and LONGHU NEWFLASH and other brand columns, LonghuBoom unearths excellent mobile game products and teams, and help the teams offer methods, sum up experience, analyze mobile game development direction and explain industry dynamics and trends.

Mofang’ is a global mobile game media established on July, 2013 which provide media information, game service, game development and operation business. Since 2014, Mofang starts an overseas strategic layout by establishing,, English Mofang and Thailand Mofang, it is worth to mention that has become one of the most influential mobile game media in Taiwan. Based on the strategic center of globalization, mobility, instrumentalization and communalization, Mofang provides one-stop service for global mobile gamers with the promotion and operation on their mobile terminal product named ‘Game +’

Game Teahouse

Game Teahouse( is a leading mobile game industry media and matchmaking platform in China,base in Chengdu,providing matchmaking service for the global moblie game industry collegues between developers and publishers,distributors,covered thousand content providers in China,staying up-to-date with the latest global mobile game trends,opportunities and news.

178.COM, as a game information web portal, not only has the most professional game community NGA and the most comprehensive auxiliary means Bigfoots, but also provides news, original videos, game related peripherals, database as well as webgames for users.Confronted with the changeable market and endless challenges, we insist on the concept and principle of ‘Customer First And Player Comes Foremost’. We take the advantage of our people-oriented management philosophy and professional techniques, offering more comprehensive, more creative, more powerful and better services for our users, to build a splendid and all-sided web portal.

9 information

9 information is the largest open source game developer community for 9 seconds ( for mobile and game development oriented industry media platform.

18touch or 18touch, founded in September 2012, is established in mobile game industry and aims to be the game media which is the the most reliable by players and the most respectful by the industry. Through walkthrough, auxiliary tool application and gift activity etc. , with objective judgment, professional level, 18touch recommends high quality mobile games and related services for players, so players insist“18touch recommends games, the games must be super fun”.

No1 News

Since no1news was founded, we have collected, compiled, analyzed, sorted out the research institutions in the field of vertical industry research and analysis of data, and the first time to free information to the industry's friends. We hope that through our efforts, we can give you more valuable content, we pay more attention to the authenticity and value of information content.

Duyou Net

The aim of IndieGames.CN is to help independent developers with finding partners,technical issues,advertising their games,connecting independent developers of games with players etc. IndieGames.CN offers tips on getting into the Chinese independent game development, exclusive interviews with indie developers, insider previews and latest indie news.

Beijing Mefun technology co.LTD is an emerging mobile gaming industry media, jointly founded by several industry veteran. Mefun is designed to provide the most timely, accurate and objective information about the profound and unique viewpoint for mobile gaming industry. Mefun technology co.LTD has broad vision, unique perspective and rich experience at mobie gaming industry industry , as well as sincere attitude to devote themselves to serve all of our companions.

Animation World Network

The Animation World Network is the largest animation-related publishing group on the Internet, providing readers from over 151 countries with a wide range of interesting, relevant and helpful information pertaining to all aspects of animation. Covering areas as diverse as animator profiles, independent film distribution, commercial studio activities, licensing, CGI and other animation technologies, as well as in-depth coverage of current events in all fields of animation, AWN gives its readers an easy to navigate, visually and intellectually creative mechanism to electronically access a wealth of information.


A media which focuses on reporting and introducing console games, providing original audio and video programmes. In comparison to other media, game cores has more independence and more apparent individuality, and we have always introduced and shared the coolest culture and spirit of video games with our audience.

Best Web Design Agencies

Best Web Design Agencies is the independent authority on web design agencies located worldwide. We are dedicated to finding the best agencies when being compared to all of those worldwide to give customers the best possible service available. This includes different types of web design agencies including flash and ecommerce design. Our website provides access to our independent rankings, the directory service, latest media and job openings for the best web design agencies worldwide.

Hectic Games

Hectic Games is a small company based around providing opportunities for independent developers and student developers through the running of events such as Games Jams and providing educational support by teaching courses. Our main purpose is to help build up a community of developers and help promote the games development scene in any way we can to unite developers and give them a push in the right direction. Our main attraction is our Hectic Games Jam which promotes the publishing of games made within the 48 Jam that we hold.

PR Newswire

Founded in 1954, PR Newswire is the world's oldest and largest corporate information distribution service. We serve clients from North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific region. PR Newswire has a global client base of 60,000 companies, organizations, and government agencies, including over 60 percent of Fortune 500 companies. PR Newswire provides end-to-end solutions to produce, optimize, and target content - from rich media to online video and multimedia - and then distribute content and measure results across traditional, digital, mobile, and social channels.

IGA( is the only English language online specialist media exclusively covering the games industry in Asia. Our business coverage includes job, event and company listings from the region. Officially launched in September 2013, is published by Gamemium Pte Ltd in Singapore.


Established in 2012, Gamegyro is the leading press media for news, insights and events on gaming industry. Headquartered in Shenzhen, we have offices in Beijing and Chengdu.We cover a range of games news and insights from mobile to VR/AR, HTML 5 to smart TV etc in our two websites and three official WeChat accounts. Most of our readers are from gaming industry.


Syqnr is a vertical industrial web media and website focusing on all aspects of portable and mobile game industry development, gathering most game industry practitioners such as developers, investors, publishing, out-sourcing and so on. More than source of information, original articles, catalog and guidelines, we assist our partners with powerful marketing service and our teams are active in on-line and off-line activities, conferences and salons.


1688wan is a vertical portal for mobile game. Currently, they have finished multi-terminal transmission among HTML5, the app and PC . According to the mobile games market demand , they adjust the Market layout,For users , they provide rich content of mobile games, meet their demand of the information, Raiders, packs and industry information and establish the mobile house-player exchange community.


PCgames in the game area and information platform construction, comprehensive development, information covering online games, page tour, hand travel, stand-alone and other types of games, all kinds of comprehensive game area more than 500, including FPS, MOBA and other competitive games area to retain mass users. PCgames in the area of competitive games, sports events and organizations, competitive platform to build and other areas of the industry leader, is recognized as the first electronic sports media.


Sykong provides different kinds of high quality information for our mobile game industry practitioners intently and timely . Sykong was based on it online platforms, covers its brand website (the little things of mobile:( public platform(sykong_com) and mobile game industry information Application (Sykong). Besides , Sykong will hold industry salon and conference in the major cities by sticking to the principle of "no valuable experience, no activity".



Phoenix New Media Games

Phoenix New Media Games is the gaming business brand of Phoenix New Media. its main business includes game news providing, game events helding and game operation.Phoenix Game has 3 sub brands which are Phoenix New Media Game channel,Phoenix Web Game Center, and Phoenix Mobile Game Center. We believe that "happiness has no end", focus on all the internet users' entertainment requests and demands, offer a more comprehensive entertainment experience. is dedicated to providing online services centered around Android games. Our mission is to deliver fast, interesting news, comprehensive gift packs, abundant game downloads, the hottest game pictures… Games, Packs, Guides, Videos and everything! In addition, we offer a range of unique game feature stories: game review, TOP Games, TOP of This Week, The Newbie, and Games of The Month,etc., meets all your demands for games!


Since established in 2003, Gamersky has become one of the most experienced and professional game media in China by now. Gamersky provides information and platform services to tens of millions of PC and Console gamers. By covering news about games, industry and entertainment subculture everyday, we commits to serve our custumers.

Games Dog

Games Dog Website, which covers the most comprehensive and abundant mobile games’ information strategy and provides more than 50,000 kinds of mobile phone game downloading service, has become one of the favorite game users’ websites and now is leading in registered users as well as the average daily views. Website users group ranges widely from the age of 16 to 40, who are Chinese gifted online game users and a group of users with high adhesion with a high online rate and a high ARPU value., founded on September, 2010, is a comprehensive Internet media for mobile games. As a new rising news portal, has generated 1 million unique visitors each day. By focusing on the media service for mobile games, is trying to be one of the biggest mobile game news portals in China. offers mobile games joint operation service and channel cooperation service.


"Youxiguancha" is a media industry that focus on the games industry information. Founded in 2014, and in the year has been on-line mobile applications, websites, micro channel public number and other support services. With the domestic well-known meeting to reach a cooperative relationship, in time to attend and report all kinds of games industry conference. For the platform developers, publishers, investors, as well as industry chain to provide the latest industry information, corporate archives, a variety of industry conference activities, hot topics, and dozens of market search tools, such as high added value and reference.

Ultra Console Game

Ultra Console Game report news about video games and handheld games, ranged over PS3,Xbox360,WiiU,3DS,PSV,NDS,PSP and other popular game consoles. Ultra Console Game is the first choice for the gamers for its quick information, high quality game guides, in-depth features, independence, friendly editors, first class print quality and the wonderful DVD.Through the independent statistical results from the third party research facilities, Ultra Console Game has the largest circulation in Chinese game magazines, and is well known as the tier one brand class in this field.


MYHP( a new game media in China that concentrates on PC&Console gaming industry. We not only write reviews for various kinds of games, but also run of industry news, reports, and a “MYHP Column”, which includes some video contents and “Indie of the week”.

3367 mobile game

3367 mobile game is a hand travel media gateway station, and is committed to provide the latest information on mobile games, and mobile phone game packs. Most of the tour players exchange platforms to build mobile games.

07073 Game Network

07073 game network has 20 million registered users, and more than 400 webgame devlopment company as deep cooperation partners. Besides providing timely news, authoritative game reviews and guides, we also have the China's largest webgame server timetable which has the industry's largest number of new servers, games, cooperative manufacturers, and more than 10000 average daily user, and the CPL platform "ZhuiHuiWan" is also our product. In the intense competition and shuffle, we continuous development and growth. By the stabilized revenue and strong core competitiveness, we established the leading position in the industry, currently is the industry's recognized No.1 webgame media.

Xiaopi Game network

xiaopi hand travel network mobile online games in China the first portal, providing the latest mobile games download, mobile phone online leaderboards, mobile games open service table, dialing game packs, and mobile phone game Raiders activities, information evaluation of original content. xiaopi networks focus on innovative products, games, resource integration and social networking sites. We create in a working atmosphere of love, the combination of idealistic product concept and realism, creating a simple and engaging product. Our goal is to provide users with a more convenient and efficient service and a more comfortable Internet product experience.


TGBUS is a website that provides news,reviews,game guides and other information about video games,handheld games,pc games and online games.TGBUS was founded in 2004,focused on introducing the foreign game culture into china over ten years,and now we have a chinese video gaming community with more than ten million registered users.

Qian Jun Game

Qian Jun Game is a very forward thinking game industry media, working for provide most comprehensive information dissemination and services for the majority of the professional and game player,including high-quality industry commentary, industry information, industry analysis, game recommendations, industry recruitment services . Qian Jun expected to help game developers to effectively enhance the game development level.and Promote the development of the industry in the process of recording the gaming industry.


MMosite is an online game portal providing comprehensive game information and services for global gamers. It attract regular visitors from over the majority of the visitors are from North America, Europe, Eastern Asia and Brazil. Our editors deliver thorough and in-depth strategies in popular games zone to serve gamers better. Gamers will have opportunities to create their personal featured zone, where he/she can deliver hands-on strategies, establish guilds and participate in running guilds. As a result, enjoys a high traffic flow according to the statistics of various search engines.

52PK Game Network

52PK Game Network ( is one of China's most valuable game media. It’s the numbe-one game download center in China and is the new game promotion core media. 52PK was founded in 2002 , It become China experienced gamers gather well-known network game media platform with 13 years of development.

Playism Games

PLAYISM is an indie focused publishing platform with a goal to support the indie community and give more opportunities to Indie developers. Not only do we help Japanese developers bring their game to the world, but we help developers bring their games to Japan.