China is one of the most prolific regions for video and computer gaming today. Its online gaming sector represents one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world and is a prime market for emerging trends and business opportunities. 

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The Game Developers Conference™ China (GDC China), serves this thriving region by focusing on the challenges of game development across borders, tackling subjects as diverse as outsourcing production, emergent free-to-play business models and bringing games from east to west and vice versa. It provides a forum for local and international game developers to share ideas, discover new business ventures, and connect with peers.

GDC China 2015 will present tracks and summits on Business & Marketing, Game Design, Production, Programming, Smartphone & Tablet Games, Independent Games. In last 7 years, GDC China has invited Ken Wong, Tommy Palm, Jordan Mechner, Bill Roper, Hiromichi Tanaka, Brian Fargo, Paul Barnett to present keynote speeches.

Who Should Attend?

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Game Designers & Visual Artists
(Creative Directors / 3D & 2D Artists / Level Designers / Lead Designers) Hone your skills with the Latest tools and techniques being used in the game industry in China and across the world.
Suggested Tracks: Design, Production, Smartphone & Tablet Games, Visual Arts
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(Engine / Technical / AI and Network Programmers)
Explore challenges other developers are facing and collaborate on successful solutions for emerging platforms such as social and online networks, MMOs, high-end consoles, and mobile devices.
Suggested tracks: Production, Programming, Smartphone & Tablet Games
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Executive Producers
(Localization Managers / Producers / Video Directors / QA Leads)
Sessions will help you stay up-to-date on current developer processes with a global perspective. Develop best-practices from game studios that have produced games with international and domestic audiences. Learn new strategies for effective game production, and share ideas with fellow colleagues. Sessions in production offer insight into streamlining your production process and improving your game's quality.
Suggested tracks: Production, Smartphone & Tablet Games
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Business Development Managers & Venture Capitalists
(CEOs / Presidents / Directors / VPs / Executive Managers / Consultants)
Game developers and Business professionals will have plenty of networking opportunities to conduct new business and meet potential clients from more than 30 countries around the world. GDC China also offers a diverse range of exhibitors on the expo floor, 3 days of networking events, and more.
Suggested tracks: Business, Marketing & Management, Production
Network at GDC 2012
Indie Developers, Studio Managers & Heads of Studios
(Indie game developers / Indie game developing team / Studio Managers)
To communicate with superstars in independent games development to gather new methods for studio management during lean economic times and learn the pros, cons, and techniques of developing and marketing on new emerging game platforms to target every demographic.
Suggested tracks: Production, Independent Games Summit, Smartphone & Tablet Games Summit