IGF Winners

IGF China 2013 Winners

Main Competition:

Best Game: One Upon Light (SUTD Game Lab, Singapore)
Best Mobile Game: Eagle&Chicken (Geeeu company, Inc., China)
Excellence In Audio: Dusty Revenge (PD Design Studio Pte Ltd, Singapore)
Excellence In Design: Framed (Loveshack Entertainment, Australia)
Excellence In Visual Arts: Mr Pumpkin's Adventure (PUMPKIN Network Technology Development Ltd., China)
Excellence In Technology: Save The Dummy (Sandyloisa, India)

Student Competition:

Best Student Game: Mineland (China Academy of Art, China)
Excellent Student Winner: Ink Warrior (Hexopus, China)
Excellent Student Winner: Virtus Per Verba: First Person Shouter (The Anti-Socialites, Australia)

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Voices from IGF China 2013 Winners

One Upon Light
The Best Game Winner of the Main Competition
Ang Yi Xin from SUD Game Lab
It was a great experience being there and interacting with other developers in the region, in addition to attending the many interesting talks and panels at IGF China. The opportunity to demo our game there to gather feedback from attendees was also invaluable, as was the chance we got to play all the other finalist games and engage in discussions with their developers. Thanks IGF China!!!

Mr Pumpkin's Adventure
Excellence in Visual Arts Winner of the Main Competition
Guo Liang from PUMPKIN Network Technology Development Ltd. (China)
For independent game developers, life is boring. We keep developing in silence and carry on. But we never feel lonely, because in this world, they're numerous indie game developers. We have dreams--we target making our games to be bridges that connect us together, and connect us to the world. By building and crossing these bridges, we arrive at our dreams.

IGF China is a ladder; indie game developers gather here, to show their games and dreams. So, when our game, Mr Pumpkin's Adventure, won the Excellence in Visual Arts award in 2013, I thought it proves this game has climbed up the ladder. What a fantastic feeling! Game development is a marathon for us. When we were struggling and felt tired, and the goal was far away, we came to a filling station called IGF China. It filled us up and showed us a wonderful future. Then, we were full of power again and were able to continue fighting.

The Best Student Game Winner of the Student Competition
Liu Zhuoyang from China Academy of Art (China)
It was my pleasure to take part in the 5th IGF China; the festival broadened my horizons a lot.

During this time, we played many great indie games from different countries in Asia while also getting a chance to show people our game there. We received helpful advice which helped instruct us to improve our game. IGF China provided a platform for game designers to gather together.

We can share our experiences with people and we may also find out more potential possibilities of games. It's a spectacular experience in the game industry.

Voices from IGF China 2012 Winners

Best Game Winner of the Main Competition
Tan Jianyang from Ludochip
IGF China in our case was the first time we really got to share and show our game, Cubetractor, with others on an international level.

Prior to that, we probably only had as much coverage as we could among our closer friends; even in our local scene trying to showcase couldn't have gotten as far as what was possible in IGF China.

Inspirationally, it was the opportunity to meet really talented independent game makers who approached their craft in ways different from us. Being able to talk to and share ideas with them has allowed us to re-examine and reflect on our attitudes and feelings towards independent gamemaking, and has very much influenced the direction we plan to take on the next game we make.

The Best Student Game Winner of the Student Competition
Wangyi from Politecnico di Milano (Italy)
IGF China 2012 was a wonderful experience for us, we met so many indie game developers. Our game Fish was played by lots of attendees, including some speakers. We were very happy to be given some valuable advice and feedback.

What made us highly impressed was that one player completed the game to the end without any instructions on the second display day while nobody had succeed under our instructions on the first day. It was so exciting to find out one person who understood our game. We enjoyed the three days during IGF China 2012; it was also great when we indie game developers gathered to chat with each other each night.

Flying Daggers
Excellence in Visual Art Winner of the Main Competition
Zhang Ziming from Sparklet Studio
Overall we didn't make money, but knew lots of indie game developers through IGF China and their experience moved me a lot, including abundant of professionals. Many investors and partner found us after we have got prize in IGF China. I even received four offers onsite. And we got two GDC All Access passes. We met so much talented game developers. It was such opportunity that I could make game developing continued.

Voices from IGF China 2011 Winners

Excellent Student Winner ofthe Student Competition
Sean 'th15' Chan from DigiPenInstitute of Technology –Singapore (Singapore)
GDC China was a fantastic opportunity topromote our game and get to meet newpeople. It was a great honor to be part of theIndependent Games Festival China. I lookforward to participating in future events atGDC China!

The Best Mobile Game Winnerof the Main Competition
Florian Garcia from Ant HiveGames (China)
Receiving an award from IGF China at GDCChina was a very humbling experience.Thanks to them, The Line HD got greatexposure that our small indie house couldn'tafford. Being in hospital, I sadly couldn'tattend and receive the award in personbut UBM genuinely updated me about theceremony and even sent me all the pictures that were taken! I guess that's what makes the IGFfamily an outstanding place for indies and enthusiasts. So again a very big thanks to UBM and tothe continued support of my loved ones who bear with my crazy mind.

The Best Game Winner of the Main Competition
Feng Li from China (China)
Attending GDC China 2011 and IGF China was a fantastic experience to me! It was like a dreamto me, from receiving the finalist notification call to winning the award. I met lots of successfulindependent game developers on GDC China, also knew lots of new friends, the guys who worktogether for making the games in their heart. Though the event only lasted several days, it wasthe memory I will never ever forget. Best wishes for IGF China and independent game career ofChina will become more powerful.

Voices from IGF China 2010 Winners

The Best Student Game Winner of the Student Competition
Tao Xin from Huazhong University of Science & Technology (China)
Though GDC China only lasted three days, it was so meaningful that I even would like to slow the days down. I met many domestic and overseas brilliant independent game developers, talented students, and industry veterans. I made friends, visited their companies, and learned a lot that could not be learnt from the school. I hope that one day I will have my own game studio, and my own game will appear on the shelves!

The Best Mobile Game Winner of the Main Competition
Simon Joslin from The Voxel Agents (Australia)
GDC China has been great for us. It's the first international award we've ever received and it helped to get noticed overseas. I had a great time meeting people on the expo floor, and it is always encouraging to receive recognition for the games we've made. Massive shout out to the other winners!

The Best Game Winner of the Main Competition
Sunyong Park from Turtle Cream (Korea)
Attending GDC China was a fantastic experience to me! I was very happy to share the ideas with other game developers and publishers. We got more passion and confidence on our games after this event, so we are developing commercial versions now! Thanks to GDC China for letting our game out into a bigger world!

Voices from IGF China 2009 Winners

The Best Student Game Winner of the Student Competition
Travis Ho from National University of Singapore (Singapore)
Being able to attend the IGF and receive an award was a huge honor, but meeting all the other passionate and talented student and indie developers in the region was priceless! In just three days, I gained an appreciation for the cultural diversity behind gamers and game developers in the region: I met many people, learned much, and made great friends-- one day, we might collaborate across countries to make games together!

The Technical Excellence Winner of the Main Competition
You Yun Tech (China)
It is our great pleasure to be awarded as Technical Excellence on the 1st IGF China, and it was very nice to participate this event as we met many passionate and talented independent developers from other Asian countries to share the interesting experiences of developing games. In addition, we do draw the attention from some top publishers and are still negotiating with them about publishing the game worldwide.

The Best Game Winner of the Main Competition
Jarrad Woods from Farbs Farbs Farbs (Australia)
GDC China was great! Through the Independent Games Festival I raised awareness of my game in both eastern and western media. Exhibiting in the expo helped me make contact with major publishers and distributors, and winning an award validated my game in the eyes of players.


IGF China 2012 Winners

Best Game

Cubetractor, by Ludochip (Singapore)
Best Mobile Game

Jumpmaster, by Steamyrice Entertainment (China)
Excellence in Audio

Dustforce, by Hitbox Team (Australia)
Excellence in Design

Diggin' Dogs, by Soap Creative (Australia)
Excellence in Technology

Insecters War, by Peng Fang and Zhilong Chen (China)
Excellence in Visual Arts

Flying Daggers, by Sparklet Studio (China)
Best Student Game

Fish, by Yi Wang (China)
Excellent Student Winner - 1

Cloud and Boy, by Lunghwa University of Science and Technology (Taiwan)
Excellent Student Winner - 2

Magic Beans Campus, by Sichuan Fine Arts Institute (China)

IGF China 2011 Winners

Best Game

Pixel May Cry by Feng Li (China)
Best Mobile Game

The Line HD by Ant Hive Games (China)
Excellence in Audio

Super Sheep Tap 《超级拍拍羊》by aBit Games (China)
Excellence in Technology

Void by DigiPen Institute of Technology (Singapore)
Excellence in Visual Arts

Pocket Warriors 《口袋猎人》 by WitOne Games (China)
Best Student Game

Void by DigiPen Institute of Technology (Singapore)
Excellent Student Winner - 1

Pixi by DigiPen Institute of Technology (Singapore)
Excellent Student Winner - 2

Robotany by Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab (Singapore)

IGF China 2010 Winners

Best Game

Sugar Cube by Turtle Cream (South Korea)
Best Mobile Game

Train Conductor 2 by The Voxel Agents (Australia)
Excellence in Audio

Skillz: The DJ Game by Playpen Studios (Hong Kong)
Excellence in Visual Arts

ButaVX: Justice Fighter by Nekomura Games (Singapore)
Best Student Game

The White Laboratory by Huazhong University of Science & Technology (China)
Excellent Student Winner - 1

Dead Steel by Media Design School, Auckland (New Zealand)
Excellent Student Winner - 2

Ponlai by National Yunlin University of Science and Technology (Taiwan)

IGF China 2009 Winners

Best Game

Captain Forever by Farbs (Australia)
Excellence in Art Direction

DONOVO by Magic Day Studio (China))
Technical Excellence

HurricaneX2 by You Yun Tech (China)
Excellence in Audio

Armor Valley by Protégé Production (Singapore)
Best Student Game

Autumn Dynasty: Paper Generals by National University of Singapore students (Singapore)
Excellent Student Winner - 1

INK by Singapore Polytechnic students (Singapore)
Excellent Student Winner - 2

Bumper Halloween by Beijing University students (China)

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